27 JANUARY 1866, Page 22


The Statesman's Year-Book. .a. statistical, genealogical, and historical account of the States and Sovereigns of the civilized world for the year 1866. By Frederick Martin. (Ilacmillan.)—Mr. Martin is gradually improving this very valuable manual. This issue is much nearer the true standard than the last in point of accuracy and lateness of information, and he has added. a feature of the highest importance to the account of each State,—a list of statistical and other books of reference, official and unofficial, concerning them. This will be of the greatest help to the political student. Mr. Martin is still rather behindhand in some of his information. For example, under the head "Bavaria" will be found, "Ministry of the Royal House and. of Foreign Affairs, Charles B.cron von. Schrenk, appointed May 1, 1859." In the Almanaoh de Gotha for 1866, published before Mr. Martin's book, we find the Minister given as "Louis Baron von der Pfoadtsn, ap- pointed December 4, 1864." And he, we believe, has been the Minister of Bavaria for more than a year. The emr is not very important, but little slips of this kind are apt to diminish the confidence placed in statistical manuals on more important matters. Mr. Martin would also do well to give us an analysis of the number of different races in States—like Brazil or the South American Republics— composed of different races. It is an important element of the popula- tion returns, and is given, we believe, in the French Annuaire Statistique. We see he does not even deign to give Nicaragua, Costa Rica, &e., at all. The manual is so good. and valuable, that we wish to see it in every way perfeotod.