27 JANUARY 1866, Page 3

A curious case was heard in the Divorce Court on

the 20th inst. -Mr. Hyde joined the Mormons, was married in Utah, went to the Sandwich Islands, and quitted the community. He was there- upon excommunicated, and his wife pronounced free to marry again, which she did. He thereupon claimed a divorce. Sir -James Wilde took time to consider his decision, being doubtful whether a Mormon marriage, which presupposes a right of polygamy, could be held to be any marriage at all,—whether Mr. Hyde had, in fact, any wife to be divorced from. The case is an important one, as applications from Mussulman subjects of her Majesty residing in England might be brought before the Court. Would Sir James Wilde consider such marriage null? Or would he invalidate a Jewish marriage because polygamy, though abandoned .as a custom, is sanctionedby their creed ?