27 JANUARY 1866, Page 3

A meeting of the Irish National Association was held in

the Rotunda, Dublin, on Tuesday, at which Alderman Dillon delivered

very violent speech. He called Feuianism an heroic mistake, and declared that there was now a great power within ten days' .sail of Ireland which felt a deep resentment against England — a resentment " inflamed by the presence and influence of ten mil- lions of citizens of Irish blood." He believed that the cause of the hatred was the eviction of the people under the land laws. The curious mixture of truth and absurdity in this statement is -Irish all over. There are not three millions of Irish in the United States, but it is none the less true that the root of the --evil is the application of a tenure suited only to men of one -civilization to men who belong to another. Till that is remedied, there will be neither peace nor content in Ireland.