27 JANUARY 1866, Page 3

The Consol market aiming the whole week has continued in

a most inactive state, and prices have fallen to the extent of one quarter per cent., the closing quotations yesterday being 861, lb for money, and 87 for account ; whilst on Saturday last the latest official prices were 87 to 87k, and 87i, I, for money Mid time respectively. The Bank of France return is more favour- able, and the last statement issued by the Directors of the Bank of England indicates a slight increase in the resources of the estab- lishment. The two returns, however, influenced the Consoi market to the extent of a rise of only 1-16th per cent., which was of limited duration, the unfavourable state of the exchanges, and the unsatisfactory news in reference to monetary affairs in Bombay, having had a strong tendency to create a 'movement in the contrary direction. Money in the open market is from one- half to three-quarters per cent. below the official rate, the quota- tion for the best short-dated paper being 7i to 71- per cent. In Foreign Securities the leading change is in Mexican stock, which was last dealt in at 201 ex div., being a decline for the week equal to 5 per cent.