27 JANUARY 1866, Page 3

The glory of the Pall Mall Gazette " Casual" is

dazzling the eyes of inferior beings. Mr. David Greenbelt, harness or, as he prefers to say, " army accoutrement" maker, of 45, Rupert Street, applied for and obtained relief at the St. James's Workhouse on Thursday night. The man, however, had not had the courage to "cut himself off from his base," that is, to leave all money be- bind him, and besides this, he failed, but with less judicious hypocrisy than our Pall Mall friend, at the bread and gruel. He made the effort nobly, " ate some of the bread " and " tasted " the gruel, but, unpauper-like, broke down at the skilley, brought out his card, and asked to be allowed to go, as it was only a drunken folly. He was then searched, and Gs. 9id. found on his person, given in charge to the police, and brought up ,yesterday before Mr. Knox. That gentleman, who evidently felt that the eyes of Pall Mall were upon him, —nay, that he was passing sen- tence by proxy not only on that very Calm Intelligence who fetched away his casual in a brougham, but perhaps even on a peer—for Lord Milton and many other distinguished personages have been mysteriously pointed at as "the illustrious stranger" of the Lambeth pump-shed,—was very great, and even austere. " I consider it a serious offence, that persons of decent position should go to a workhouse and make a mockery of applying for relief, thus sgtting a bad example [and rubbing all the pleasant gilding off the humane institutions of our great and happy country—Mr. Knox forgot that]. Do you know that you are liable to be sent to prison for a month with hard labour ?" There is a pleasant sword hanging over the head of Lord Milton, or the still more illustrious personage who has so successfully hitherto maintained his incognito. What would the Pall Mall Gazette do for a man who had incurred " a month's imprisonment with hard labour" in its service ? Would he have an indignant leader devoted to him at least three times a week during his sentence, and free quarters in -Pall Mall ever after? We fear we shall never know, for Mr. Knox dismissed the producer of " army accoutrements" with a severe moral shake intended for his more glorious original ;—and, after that, we suppose the great Unknown. himself could scarcely be more hardly treated.