27 JANUARY 1900, Page 12

A Manual of Prayers from the Liturgy : Arranged for

Family Use. By W. E. Gladstone. (John Murray.)—This manual of prayers was arranged by Mr. Gladstone and regularly used by himself in family worship, and it is now given to the world by his family in the hope that it may find its way into other house- holds where the erinciple of its compilation will be acceptable. All the prayers are taken from the Prayer-book, but they are distributed and grouped with special view to the conveniences of family use. We fancy that many readers, who think they know all the prayers of the Prayer-book familiarly, will be surprised to find how many scattered in the occasional services they do not know at all. Two in particular, which have been recruited for domestic use by Mr. Gladstone, strike us at this moment with peculiar appropriateness ; and we certainly should not have thought of turning either to the " Form of Prayer for Use at Sea," or to that for the "Accession of Queen Victoria," for a prayer to suit either cause. One is the prayer " Upon a Neces: sity or Trial," which might have been written expressly for use during the present war. It appears at p. 92. The other is "A Prayer for Unity," from the "Order of Holy Communion on the Day of the Accession of the Sovereign." The book really needs no recommendation: