27 JANUARY 1900, Page 13

An Up - to - Date Parson. By Harry Lindsay. (James Bowden. 3s. 6d.)—Mr.

Lindsay, who has already given to the world "Methodist Idylls" and "More Methodist Idylls," wishes to do for the Wesleyans what Fenimore Cooper did for the Red Indians. The " Up - to - Date Parson " is a Wesleyan minister who scandalises his congregation by riding to the chapel which he has to serve on a. bicycle, and does other things which seem shocking at first, and appear reasonable enough afterwards. Two other short stories make up the volume. —Until the Day Declare It. By Margaret Cunninghame. (R.T.S. 5s.) — This is a "prize story on the present-day conflict with sacerdotalism." Its main subject is "confession." We do not intend to criticise it, but we would point out that the writer is not quite eo well furnished for her task as one might expect. " Did you notice how he stood to say the Creed, Harry ? " says the young lady whom we may call the heroine. " It is what is called the Eastward position." And neither the author nor any one else tells her what a ludicrous blunder she has made.