27 JANUARY 1900, Page 13

Life of John Mills. (Sherratt and Hughes, Manchester.)— This is

a book which will doubtless find abundant justifica- tion in the interest of a considerable public. Mr. Mills, a successful banker by occupation, a Radical in politics, a Non- conformist, a minor poet of some power, a musician, and generally a cultured and intellectual person, had some famous friends,—John Bright among them. Famous himself he was not, but he was honoured by many, and many will read this volume with pleasure.—With this may be mentioned Life of Hugh M. Matheson, by the Rev. J. Oswald Dykes (Hodder and Stoughton, 6s.) Mr. Matheson was a China merchant (con- nected with the house of which the late Sir James Matheson, who purchased the ialand of Lewis from the Seaforths, was the head). When the China trade was given up he became presi- dent of the Rio Tinto Mining Company. He, too, was a devout layman, belonging to the English Presbyterian body. To the interests of this communion, and to the promotion of missionary effort in China, he devoted himself with uncommon zeal and singleness of heart.