27 JANUARY 1900, Page 14

Miscistrarraous. — Hockey, Historical and Practical. By J. Nicholson Smith

and Philip A. Robson. (Innes and Co. 584— This volume (No. 9) of " The Isthmian Library " will be welcomed by hockey-players. The origin of the game is traced to the first Irish Ring, Cathair Mor, who died A.D. 148, and the authors follow its history down to the present day. The chapters dealing with the practical side of the game are, however, the most inter- esting, and much valuable advice is given on the play and the position in the field of each member of a team. A great many of the strokes are illustrated by photographs, which help to give a clear idea of the different positions of the stick and the body. Hockey for women is treated of in Part III. The writers are vehement in insisting that players shall be hygienically dressed, and the advice as to suitable clothes is sensible.—The Story of Tristan and Iseult Rendered into English from the German of Gottfried von Strassburg. By Jessie L. Weston. With Designs by Caroline Watts. 2 vols. (David Nutt. 4s.)—We are delighted to see this second number of the series of " Arthurian Romances " unrepresented in "Mortis D'Arthnr." Miss Weston's style is well suited to her subject; and her introduction, in which she touches on the difficulties connected with it, is interesting. The designs at the beginning of each chapter are artistic and appropriate.— Appearances : How to Keep them up on a Limited Income. By Mrs. Alfred Praga. (John Long. 2s. 6d.)—We are here given advice and receipts (in what is called a " chatty " manner) for housekeeping for a young couple, upon S,300 a year. — National Worthies : being a Selection from the National Portrait Gallery. (Constable and Co. 42s.)—In this handsomely bound volume there are pictures of interesting people, from Queen Victoria to Edward the Black Prince. It is a pity that the name of the painter was not put along with that of the worthy at the foot of each picture, as it is tiresome to be obliged to refer to the notes at the end for this. However, the book is one that is well worth looking at.—Triplets; Comprising The Baby's Opera, The Baby's Bouquet, and The Baby's Own zEsop. With the Original Designs in Colour by Walter Crane. (George Routledge. 42s. net.) —It was a good idea to bring out these books in one volume, and it is a pleasure to see our old friends in their new "bibs and tuckers," as Mr. Crane puts it in the preface. The colour-printing is beautifully done, and the book is a thoroughly attractive one.