27 JANUARY 1900, Page 17

It was announced on Thursday that the Emperor of China

has issued an edict which amounts to abdication. He names the son of the Prince of Tuan (a boy of nine) as his successor to the Throne, and states that his health prevents his discharging the duties of State. It is evident that what is aimed at, and what is probably achieved, is the creation of a Regenoy in the hands of the Dowager-Empress, who, though she has actually ruled in fact ever since the last Palace Revolution, has hitherto nominally acted through the Emperor. Whether the Emperor is already dead, whether, if not, there will be an attempt at a counter-revolution, whether foreign complica- tions will ensue, whether there will be local provincial revolts, and whether the secret societies will move, are all problems of immense interest and importance. It is, however, quite im- possible to attempt to answer them even approximately till we have more news than is contained in the as yet meagre telegrams from Pekin,