27 JANUARY 1900, Page 17

The Russian authorities, warned no doubt by recent events in

France, are dealing in drastic fashion with the officers and officials implicated in the bribery scandals in the Odessa district. The chief of the Recruiting Department in that division has already been arraigned, and the secretary and a whole batch of subordinate officials are now being tried by Court- Martial for bribery and venality. According to the Times correspondent at Odessa, although an uneasy impression is afloat that other Departments may also have to be brought to book, the authorities are generally applauded for. their im- partiality and thoroughness in endeavouring to purge the Russian Army of its many and long-standing abuses. It is also regarded as of good augury that, discarding the precedent adopted by the French Government in the case of General Mercier, they have not hesitated to strike at the heads of Departments.