27 JANUARY 1900, Page 19

Mr. Morley, addressing his constituents at Forfar on Wednesday, while

dealing with generalities such as Im- perialism and the need for the two races living side by side on terms of equality spoke with great good sense. For example, nothing could be better than his declaration that the Empire ought to mean "a great confederacy of States of which this island is the centre," not rale and mastery over unwilling populations. But does any sane Imperialist ask for anything else? It is all very well to make a " man-of-straw " Imperialist who wants to rule the Empire on the political principles of George III. and Lord North or President Kruger. To knock him out of time is easy; but is it quite worthy of Mr. Morley, who must know that his " man of straw " has no relation to the facts ? Mr. Kipling would, we suppose, be regarded by Mr. Morley as the extreme type of violent Imperialist. Has Mr. Morley ever read "The Native Born " ? If not, we commend it to him as containing the true Imperial spirit in its welcome to the four new nations free and self-governing, though within the Empire.