27 JANUARY 1900, Page 32

That follows, as you move about the room, Ab, this

is he who trod the darkening ways,

And plucked the flowers upon the edge of doom—

The bright, sweet-scented flowers that star the road To Death's dim dwelling. Others heed them not, With sad eyes fixed upon that drear abode, Weeping, and wailing their unhappy lot.

But he went laughing down the shadowed way, Tne boy's heart leaping still within his breast, Weaving his garlands when his mood was gay, Mocking his sorrows with a solemn jest.

The high Gods gave him wine to drink ; a cup Of strong desire, of knowledge, and of pain, He set it to his lips and drank it up, Then smiling, turned unto his flowers again.

These are the flowers of that immortal strain Which, when the hand that plucked them drops and dies, Still keep their radiant beauty free from stain, And breathe their fragrance through the centuries.