27 JANUARY 1900, Page 38

Crass awn ScmooL BooEs.-The Clarendon Press is publishing " Scriptorum

Classicorum Bibliotheca Oxoniensis," which is, according to the prospectus, to contain twenty-seven volumes. They are to be accompanied by foot-notes, critical only. Three volumes are now before us. The paper, typography, and general aspect favourably impress us ; of the text, critically considered, it is of course impossible to speak, but we see that the editors selected are scholars of reputation :—Thucydidis Histories recognovit H. S. Jones (3s. and 3s. 6d , limp cloth) Platonts Opera, Tetralogiae I., II. (Euthyphro, Apologia, Crito, Phaedo; Cratylus, Theaetetus, Sophista, Politicus), recognovit Barnet (5s. and 6s.; India paper, 7s. ; the Plato is to be n six volumes); Lucretius, recognovit C. Bailey (2s. Gcl., 38., and 4s.--In the " Cambridge Series for Schools and Training Colleges" (Cam- bridge University Press), we have Gat /u/i Caesaris De Bello Liter V., edited by E. S. Shuckburgn, M.A.; Virgil, .(Eneici V., edited by A. Sidgwick, M.A. (1s. 6d.); Selections from Ovid's Tristia, by H. F. Morland Simpson, M A. (1s. 6d.) ; and Xe.ophon, Anabasis, edited by G. M. Edwards, M.A. (1s. 6d.), all of them fur- nished with Notes and Vosanulary • and Geometrical Drawing, Part I., by W. H. Blythe, eI.A. (2s. (ld.)—In the "Pitt Press Series" (same publishers) Cicero Pro Leg c , with Introdue- tion and Notes by J. C. Nicol (1s. 6d.); and Racine's Atha.lie, with Introdaction;Notes, and Index by H. W. Eve, H A., Ns.); and Remi en Angleterre, edited by Margaret de G. Verrall (2s.), a selection from Hector Malot's "Sans Famille."—Of books for primary schools we have to mention the King Alfred Readers, Books I.-VII. (E. Arnold, 10cL, ls., Is. 2d., ls. 4d., and Is. 6d. for V.-VII.)—English-German Dictionary of Business Words and Terms. By Fritz Hundel. (Sir L Pitman and Sons. 2s. 6d.)