27 JANUARY 1900, Page 39

Booxa OP REFERENCE.—We have received the annual volume—the fifty-seventh—of Thom's

Official Directory (Thom and Co., Dublin, 21s.) It is a Directory of the United Kingdom, but, as our readers are probably aware, gives specially detailed information about Ireland and Irish matters.—Street's Newspaper Directory (36 Searle Street, 3s. 6d.) contains a general index to all newspapers, maga- zines, &c., and separate indexes of " London Newspapers," " Provincial Newspapers," "Trade and Class Journals," " Maga- zines," a " Gazetteer of Towns," with population, &c., and the newspapers published in them. Of the London daily papers, which, leaving out the financial, commercial, and sporting. number twenty, six only are Liberal, though, by the way, the Telegraph is described, probably by itself, as " Independent Liberal," and the Times as " Independent."—The Constitutional Year Book, 1900 (Blackwood and Sons, Is.) contains a variety of information, political and social, Parliamentary, electoral, diplo- matic. Among its specially useful contents may be mentioned a "Glossary of Political Terms," and an analysis of the national expenditure.