27 JANUARY 1950, Page 18

"middle-class argument" of your two " well-known " (but unfortunately

anonymous) writers seems to be not so much an argument ,as first a lamentation for past privileges (with no consideration of whether

they were deserved or not), and second an equally dogmatic assertion (or implication) that they ought to be restored forthwith.

May I, to take one point only, ask Jane in her future exchanges with George to explain why the fact that she can afford to pay justifies the monopolisation by her children of the smallest classes and best teachers regardless of the comparative mental equipment of those children ?

It must, incidentally, be news to the many who have wished and tried for State scholarships that the supply of them is greater than the demand.

—Yours faithfully, D. Wumrr. 35 Honeysgreen Lane, Liverpool, 12.