27 JANUARY 1956, Page 20

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Austria Belgium •••

Denmark •••


..• France

••• Germany ••• • ..


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Sweden •••




Yugoslavia •••


Necessities. For the oddments, like now need, try first the local chain store (if you' marked, as they are in Woolworth's, and You Equivalent of Woolwarlls or Marks and Spencer Monoprix; Prisunlo, Deutsche Kaufhaus: Woolworth's

Sarma; Pribas Tempo • .11 Hema Sepu

Tempo; Epa Uniprix; Neue Ware Na-Ma 0 I N G


Iiir a reel 48 if town) which you may unexpectedly ei y w. la town) where, as a rule, prices are clearly uhout struggling with the language.

Inexpensive store in capital

2erngross aellsu Bon Va Marche Rrehus, Buldog, Sommers Magasin stNI antMo, Stockmann

Oarche, Louvre, kauf haus des Westen

C,brYsikopoulos, Lambropoulos alienkorf

"'teen and Strom

Galerias Preciados, Corte Inglis Ok.G141/13 (Paul U. Bergstrom)