27 JANUARY 1956, Page 8

A SLIGHT FUSS was created a few weeks ago by

a letter (published by the Daily Express after The Times had declined the honour) signed by twelve 'young men' who said that they were not surprised that the present stuffy climate of opinion in this country was causing many other young men to emigrate. The thesis of this sombre communication was challenged in the Spectator and a lively controversy ensued. Now I see that one of the signatories of the letter, Mr. Wolf Mankowitz, who remained silent during the earlier discussion, has at last declared his position. In the special supplement on the return of the Jews to England which the Jewish Chronicle has pro- duced this week Mr. Mankowitz says unequivocally that he would 'rather live here and have my sons grow up here than in any other country.' I take it that Mr. Mankowitz has now had second thoughts about that letter to which he put his name, Anyhow we should all be delighted that the charming and talented Mr. Mankowitz has decided not to give us up for lost after all.