27 JANUARY 2001, Page 83

Q. Having recently inherited some decent furniture for my dining-room,

I am anxious to complete the picture with the addition of a good-sized hot plate for the sideboard. There seem to be none on the market save for unattractive, mass-catering versions in metal and Pyrex, such as might be suitable for village halls. What can I do?

S.G., Malmesbuty, Wiltshire A. This gap in the market has been identified by the taste-broking firm of Wembury Warmers. You can view their elegant stainless-steel copies of a classic hot plate with claw feet on their website www.hotplates.co.uk or telephone 01752 862210; £395 plus £20 p&p for a 1 x 0.5 metre hot plate which runs at 85 °C.