27 JUNE 1896, Page 10

given to the world, anything more objectionable than this story.

Hannah Stubbs is a simple country girl, naturally a powerful " medium," and becomes, in the course of some seances, " obsessed "—that seems to be the right technical word—by the spirit of a certain Leonora. Leonora, it should be said, was in life the unfaithful wife of an Italian noble, and killed by him when found in the company of her lover. The husband, since banished, recalls the spirit to the world, and Hannah Stubbs is " obsessed " by this very evil influence, and set going on the same path. Is it possible to conceive anything more revolting than this story ? When an adulteress is dismissed from the world, let her stop away. If " Florence Marryatt " cannot write on any other theme, let her not sigh for other worlds from which to evoke her objectionable characters.