27 JUNE 1896, Page 10

The People of the Moon. By Tremlett Carter. Illustrations by

D'Aguilcourt. (Electrician Publishing Company.) — Mr. Carter, reasoning on the bold hypothesis that there may be a people living in the interior of the moon, and also on that surface, which we never see, has constructed a really striking romance with a scientific ring about it that reminds one of Jules Verne's realistic tales. It is decidedly fresh and so far touches on ground that nobody else has trod. Perhaps the introduction and bring- ing to earth of the strange lunar book, with its wonderful romance, is a trifle too fanciful, but much pains has been taken with it, and the story of Indra, Prince of ZIlla, is a highly romantic and picturesque story of adventure, and ably assisted by the drawings as it is, is likely to fascinate a good many readers.