27 JUNE 1896, Page 11

A well-known work that has held its place for many

years as a text-book of acknowledged excellence, Historical Outlines of English Accidence, by the late Rev. Richard Morris, M.A., appears revised by L. Kellner, Ph.D., with the assistance of Henry Bradley, M.A. (Macmillan and Co.) Dr. Kellner, we may explain, is " Lecturer on English Philology in the University of Vienna." Mr. Bradley is well known as Dr. Murray's prin- cipal colleague in the great work of the " New English Dic- tionary." The points to which Dr. Kellner's revision have been chiefly directed are to distinguish between sounds and letters, to restate " Grimm's Law," with the addition of " Verner's Law," "Vowel Gradation and Word Formation."