27 JUNE 1896, Page 17

The European Powers have at last agreed to propose terms

to the Sultan with respect to Crete. They have presented a joint Note advising his Majesty to appoint a Christian Governor, to re-establish the Pact of Halepa, and to summon the Cretan Assembly with its old powers. The Sultan has agreed to the third demand, but apparently rejects the other two, and the Christians are believed to reject the compromise as worthless while the Turkish garrison remains. They demand perfect autonomy, and in several parts of the island are defeating the Turkish troops, who for their part burn every village which has been deserted by the inhabitants. The grand danger, therefore, that the Turkish soldiery will massacre the civil population still remains, and in Greek belief is exceedingly real The soldiers use the most menacing language, they have placed crosses on all Christian houses in Canes, and they are reported by the latest accounts to have burned some prisoners alive. That rumour may be untrue, though it is quite probable after the occurrences at Oarfa, but its circulation is conclusive as to the chances of reconciliation between the Christians and the garrison.