27 JUNE 1896, Page 17

The Times' correspondent states, with an appearance of authority, that

Russia has agreed to support French demands about Egypt in the following form. Europe collectively is to request Great Britain to retire, to neu- tralise Egypt, and to place the country under the general supervision of the Powers. She believes that this de- cision can easily be obtained, and that England will thus be peacefully deprived of her supremacy in the Valley of the Nile. It is an adroit plan, but we question, if England resists, whether the Triple Alliance will back it by an employment of armed force. And we think England will resist, for her people, once aware of the facts, will not, we believe, consent to see all her successful work in Egypt undone just to gratify the amour propre, not of the French people, but of French politicians. Egypt left to the Khedive would be ruined by his Pashas within twelve months.