27 JUNE 1896, Page 18

Mr. Bryce made a very interesting speech at the Christian

Conference between Churchmen and Nonconformists held at Sion College on Monday. He pointed out that the union among Christians did not necessarily imply any fusion of organisations, but was much more likely to be promoted by "co-operation in philanthropic and Christian work so as to avoid overlapping and waste." " On the whole," he said,. " the prospect of approximation in charity and sympathy had been much brighter of late years. There was a greater courtesy between denominations; and there was a disposition to lay less stress on the gravest problem of all, the prospect of future salvation. All Christians now, however strongly they insisted on their own doctrines, admitted that there might be " [might not Mr. Bryce have said that there actually is?] "a prospect of salvation in God's mercy for outsiders?' These are wise words in which we cordially concur, but what did Lord Radstock mean when he said that "no uniformity, but a unity with diversity of manifestation was foreshadowed by Christ when be prayed that we might be one as He and His Father were one " P Does Lord Radstock really hold that the relation between the Father and the Son is theologically " a unity with diversity of manifestation," such as, for in- stance, might be conceived to exist between a pions Ritualist. and a pious Plymouth Brother P