27 JUNE 1896, Page 19

Considerable interest has been felt in the result of an

election in the Canadian Dominion which has been fought round the pivot of denominational education. The Con- servatives have maintained the right of the Roman Catholics of Manitoba to establish Catholic schools yet to receive support from the State, while the Liberals have contended that if a religion is taught in the schools they must be sup- ported by the followers of that creed. The Catholic priest- hood struggled passionately for the former view, and it was supposed that they would be supported by the French Canadians, but that has not been the result. The great province of Quebec, influenced by Mr. Laurier, revolted against the priesthood, and, for the first time in eighteen years, the Liberals are in a majority of forty. Mr. Laurier, who will be the new Premier, is a French Canadian, believed to be an upright man, and a friend of the Imperial connec- tion; but be himself stated that if the interests of Great Britain and Canada ever clashed he should defend those of his "native land." That signifies practically that he would be an Imperialist as long as it was convenient. There is at present no question between Canada and the Empire, but in the event of war the interest of Great Britain and that of Canada might be far from identical.