27 JUNE 1896, Page 33

[To THE EDITOZ OF THE "srscraroa."]

SIR,—Idy children have lately set up a cage of white mice, One of them when given a ran has a way of making for tho chimney,—perhaps he p.afers a little colour. The other day he managed to make the ascent and did not come down again

but two days later he was found outside the house by the stable cat who brought him and laid him down at my daughter's feet and then more suo purred and rubbed himself against her legs. The mouse was not the least injured, only very frightened, and lay moist and panting for nearly a quarter of an hour, after which it began to run about and was altogether itself again. The cat's conduct seems as remarkable as it was exemplary, for be never has been known to retrieve before, and he is never allowed in the house ; in fact he belongs to the gardener and lives in the cottage and stables and garden, and mice that are not white get no