27 JUNE 1896, Page 38

The Veil of Liberty. By Peronne. (A. and C. Black.)—This

story relates the adventures of a Huguenot family of Nismea who go up to Paris soon after the declaration of "equal civil rights." One of the brothers, a former Protestant, joins. the Girondins, and thus the family go through the terrors of those days. The sister Sophie is a very loveable, simple, yet courageous character ; she is guillotined, while the others escape. Of the numerous carefully drawn characters in tho story, the men without exception seem to lack real vigour and strength of principle, so that The Veil of Liberty, while it gives a most just and often moving description of the life of a family of suspects, leaves a somewhat unsatisfactory impression on the reader. It is a book to read carefully, however, and shows true insight into Southern French character.