27 JUNE 1896, Page 39

Book Sales of 1895. By Temple Scott. (P. Cockram.) —Mr.

Scott's volume has, so to speak, more " flesh " about it than those which have appeared for some time past under the title of " Book Prices Current." There is an introduction from which the book-collector, in fact or intention, may learn some useful lessons about that fascinating but perilous pursuit, and various items of interest are added in reference to the more important of the volumes sold. Some of the prices are at least as astonishing as any that we have seen. Here are specimens :—" Mita Pauperam " (an early copy, but imperfect), 2355; a Latin Bible of the thirteenth century, vellum, 2490; a MS. (Italian) of Ovid, fifteenth century, vellum, 2650 ; Psalter of the tenth century, 2300; Charles and Mary Lamb's "Poetry for Children." 284 ; Charles Lamb's " Prince Donn," 248 ; " Essays of Elia " and " Last Essays of Elia," 231; " Poems by Two Brothers," 234. Altogether, twenty-two volumes, he., of Tennyson's fetched 2238, the other large figures being 223 for "Poems Chiefly Lyrical," and 215 for "Idylls of the Hearth," the original title of "Enoch Arden." But Mr. Scott thinks that some of these prices were " ridiculously high," attributing them to the " almost absolute mania Americans have for anything of Tennyson's." " The Compleat Angler" (first edition) sold for 2276 ; the second for 243 15s. ; the third for 231 5s.