27 JUNE 1896, Page 40

Boone RECEIVED.—Creation Centred in Christ. By H. Grattan Guineas, D.D.

(Hodder and Stoughton.)—Warfare of Science with Theology. By Andrew Dickson White, LL.D. 2 vols. (Macmillan and Co.) — Conscience and Law. By William Humphrey, S.J. (Thomas Baker.)—The Papal Attempt to Re- convert England. By " One Born and Nurtured in Roman Catholicism." (R.T.S.)--kluling Ideas of the Present Age. By Washington Gladden. (tames Clarke and Co.)—The Charter of the Church. By the 'Rev. P. T. Forsyth. (Alexander and Shepheard.) — The Epic of the Fall of Man. By S. Humphreys Gurteen. (G. P. Putnam's Sons.) —" A Com- prehensive Study of Caedmon, Dante, and Milton." — Buddhism : its History and Literature. By T. W. Rhys Davids, LL.D. (Same publishers.)—The Theory of Knowledge. By L. T. Hobhouse. (Methuen and Co.)—An Examination of the Nature of the State. By Westel Woodbury Willoughby, Ph.D. (Macmillan and Co.) — The Principles of Sociology. By Franklin Henry Giddings, M.A. (Same publishers.)—An Ethical Movement. By W. L. Sheldon. (Same publishers )- The Gentle Shakspere : a Vindication. By John Pym Yeatman. (Roxburgh° Press.)—From " The Bells" to "King Arthur." By Clement Scott. (John Macqueen.)—" A Critical Record of First- Night Productions at the Lyceum Theatre (1891-1893)."— Legends of the Wagner Drama. By Jessie L. Weston. (D. Nutt.) —A Metrical History of Napoleon. By William J. Hillis. (G. P. Putnam's Sons.)—History of British Columbia. By Alexander Begg. (Sampson Low, Marston, and Co.)—England's Wealth, Ireland's Poverty. By Thomas Lough, M.P. (T. Fisher Unwin.)—,—British Sea-Birds. By Charles Dixon. (Bliss, Sands, and Foster.)—In the series of "Allen's Naturalist's Library," A Handbook to the Order Lepidoptera, Part I., Butterflies. By W. F. Kirby, F.L.S. (W. H. Allen and Co.)—The Elements of Physics, Vol. I., Mechanics and Heat. By Edward L. Nichols and William S. Franklin. (Macmillan and Co.)—Graphical Calculus. By Arthur H. Barker, B.A. (Longman.)—,Stock-Exchange Invest- ments. By W. H. S. Audrey, LL.D. (Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.)—Cookery Up to Date. By Mrs. Humphrey. (Chapman and Hall.)—A Younger Sons' Cookery-Book. )3y a A Younger Son's Daughter." (R. Bentley and Son.)—The Veil tilted. By H.

Martyn Kennard. (Chapman and -- Dictionary of Chemical Solubilities. By Arthur Messinger Comey, Ph.D. (Mae. millan and Co.)—The Yellowstone National Park. By Hiram Martin Chiltenden. (Robert Clarke Company, Cincinnati.)