27 JUNE 1896, Page 40

Fanfan la Tulipe. Texte par P. Bilhaud. Illustrations par "Job."

(Hachette.)—This is an amusing story, told in verse of the very easiest French, how Fanfan la Tulipe, so-called from being found in a bed of tulips by an old gardener, said one day- " Jarcliner ne m'amuse mare,

Sloi, je vondrais faire is guerre;”

how he enlisted, distinguished himself in peace and war, how he rose to be corporal, serjeant, Lieutenant, and so on up to Field-Marshal, but not without sacrifice, for- " elleano grade, Iilas, et pour canal, Lai cofitait tonjours quelque chose ; Quand i1 tat gdudral. eh Bien, 11110 lai restait prescine nen."

The illustrations, with the military figures in eighteenth-century costume, are excellent.