27 MARCH 1909, Page 1

Though Prince Billow is no doubt for a moment "in

a tight place," it must by no means be supposed that his fall from power is imminent. It is far more likely that the talk of resignation is tactical, and intended to restore the ascendency threatened by the break-up of the bloc or combination of Parliamentary groups upon which his power has hitherto rested. If he were to resign, a dissolution of the Reichstag would almost certainly take place, and Parliamentary Assemblies are always greatly moved by the fear of dissolution. A. question which is much canvassed is whether the Emperor William will or will not support the Chancellor Many observers declare that the Kaiser has not forgotten or forgiven the lukewarm support which he received from the Prince during the storm of popular indignation caused by the Emperor's interview published in the Daily Telegraph last October. At the same time, we must not forget that the Emperor might find it exceedingly difficult to discover any one willing to step into the Chancellor's shoes just now. In all probability, then, Prince Billow, who is among the most adroit of living politicians, will continue to hold power. Political tight-rope dancing is not only his forte, but an exercise in which he greatly delights.