27 MARCH 1909, Page 2

At the present moment thousands of patriotic men and women

are asking whether there is anything practical and immediate that they can do to help the nation, and to mark their determination to maintain our naval supremacy at all costs. In our opinion, they cannot do better than join the National Service League. It must not be supposed that by supporting the National Service League any man or woman will do anything to encourage militarism or an aggressive foreign policy in any shape or form. Were such the aims of the National Service League, we should not be found among its advocates. All the National Service League asks is that AVO should follow the example of Switzerland and Norway, the two least military and most democratic countries in the world. The address of the National Service League is 72 Victoria Street, S.W., and the secretary will forward literature explaining its aims and objects to any persons who apply to him. We say with confidence that the literature will bear out the statements made above.