27 MARCH 1909, Page 2

M. Clemenceau in his interviews with the strike leaders con-

sistently refused to dismiss M. Simyan, round whose person the controversy has raged, as for some reason he has excited extraordinary personal animosity among the employees. On the other hand, M. Clemenceau conceded outright all the rest of the strikers' demands. The result was that on Tuesday the strikers returned to work, the soldiers who had been doing duty provisionally being withdrawn by the Government. Although M. Clemenceau had resisted with apparent success the demand for M. Simyan's removal, no one doubts that in this respect too the strikers will get what they want later through a reorganisation of the Post Office administration. Thus we are left with the ominous conclusion that Government employees are able to defy the Chamber. The Chamber will probably recognise that the time has come to regularise the relations of the State and its functionaries on fixed and coherent principles.