27 MARCH 1909, Page 25

Hints on House Furnishing. By W. Shaw Sparrow. (Eveleigh Nash.

75. 6d. net.)—Mr. Sparrow deals with the useful as well as with the ornamental, and what he says on both topics is always to the point and vigorously expressed. Ho brings ethical as well as aesthetic considerations to bear on his subject, and though his remarks are now and then a little tinged with paradox, he generally has, it seems to us, common-sense on his side. The fact is that we have to put up with much from the builder, who, indeed, commands the situation. Hero is an instance lately come within the experience of the writer of this notice. A number of new houses, admirably built in most respects, have coal-cellars which can hold but two tons. Are these men hypnotised by the coal-owners or coal-agents ? The chapter on "Artificial Heat and Light" is particularly good. We should liko to have had some- thing more about light. The lights are commonly put ridiculously far from the seats. Possibly tho designers reckon on the fact that not one person in twenty ever reads. Bridge can be played with very little light, and if bridge is provided for, what remains ? We cannot agree with Mr. Sparrow in his preference for the bucket-shaped coal-scuttle. How can one get small coal out of it ? And much of the coal we use is small. Perhaps Mr. Sparrow is more fortunate.