27 MARCH 1909, Page 26

A Dickens Dictionary. By Alex. J. Philip. (George Routledgo and

Sons. 8s. 6d.)—" The Cho.racters.and ,Scenes of the Novels and Miscellaneous Works Alphabetically Arranged ", is Mr. Philip's sub-title. Wherever it is possible the original from which the scene or person was drawn is given, and conjectures, more or leas likely, have beim ridded. So Fanny Dorrit's part in the "Little " story id.given, and the conjecture that she, was drawn from the novelises sister Fanny is subjoiued. This is in fact, a sort of "Classical 'Dictionary" to Dickens. We are to have, it seems, an encyclopaedia which will complete the circle of Dickens knowledge, if, indeed, this ever can be done. Was over an anther, save Shakespeare, honoured in this fashion ?