27 MARCH 1909, Page 3

It was announced on Wednesday that Mr. Satyendra Prasanua Sinha

had been appointed to the Viceroy of India's Executive Council. Mr. Sinha, who will succeed Sir Homy Richards as Legal Member, is a distinguished Hindu lawyer who was recently promoted to the post of Advocate-General of Bengal, and his appointment to the Viceroy's Council can no doubt be fully justified by professional and personal quali- fications. In view, however, of the far-reaching issues involved in this innovation, these do not suffice. In taking this decision Lord Morley is Bupported by the Viceroy, but the great

majority of Anglo-Indian statesmen, including Lord Lans- downe, Lord Curzon, and Lord Macdonnell, vigorously condemn a step which, while failing to conciliate Hindu discontent, is strongly resented by the entire body of Moha,mmedaus in India. The appointment will, we fear, prove, not a healer of discontent, but an apple of discord.