27 MARCH 1942, Page 13


sa.--1 can assure Mr. Walter Legge that the results obtained by EN.S.A. in their efforts to provide good music for the Forces have been negligible. Since the beginning of the war I have served in the Northern, Eastern and Southern Commands, both in the ranks and as an officer, and I have never heard a note of classical music Provided by E.N.S.A. nor have I ever met anyone who has. Nor is Entertainments Officer have I ever received particulars of the tarnophone records which are said to be available. I regret that I tlinnot provide my name, as the King's Regulations forbid it, but he *111 recognise the initials.—Yours sincerely, J. D. B. (Capt.). Union Club, Carlton House Terrace, S.W. r.