27 MARCH 1942, Page 13

SIR,—Mr. Walter Legge's enumeration of the musical activities of E.N.S.A.

is certainly imposing. But one camp, at least, in the London district has hitherto been unvisited by his musical pilgrims. " Six parties giving programmes of good music every night of the week are touring the length and breadth of the country "!

In thirteen months we have not heard as much as a brass band! All E.N.S.A. thinks fit for us are " parades " ("Laughter," " Hit," &c.). Revues—girls, legs, and giggles. As if the inanity and vulgarity of much of the " Forces " programmes were not enough, E.N.S.A. has to stiffen the dose.—Yours, &c., " SCOTS GUARDSMAN."