27 MARCH 1942, Page 14


Sut,—Mr. Fintan Lalor, of Dublin, in his letter, states that Mr. James Dillon, T.D., is the only elected member of the Dail (Chamber of Deputies) who is against Eire's policy of neutrality. This is not so.

The majority of the Independent members are against it. Just as there is a Roman Catholic Republican element in the North, there is also a strong Unionist minority in the three border counties of Eire. Strange as it may seem, they send to the Dail two Unionist members. One is Major Sproule Myles, M.C. (late Royal Inniskillings), who is selected as the Unionist candidate by the Unionists of County Donegal, and for the past twenty years he has topped the poll at every election.

The Press of Eire conveniently ignores the fact that there is still in existence an important minority in Eire who call themselves Unionists and are all-in with Britain.—Yours, &c., T. D.