27 MARCH 1942, Page 21

. , THE SPECTATOR" CROSSWORD No. 159 [A Book Token for one

guinea will be awarded to the sender of the first correct solurton of this week's crossword to be opened after noon on Tuesday week. Entetopes should be received not later than first post that day and must bear the ?cord "Crossword." the NUMBER of the puzzle and a 21d. stamp. Solutions must be on the form below, and none can be accepted from the USA. The solution ad the name of the winner will be published in the following issue.]


i. Assignation with Longfellow

5.2o wds.) (9, 4).

Y. They are super vain when mixed! to. " I come to wive it wealthily in —." (Shakespeare.) it. It is frequently . one of three. 0. The last thing their patrons wish to do is to publicise their wares. 13. It's the reverse of O.K. to do this. IS. Needy R.A. filled with earnest desire.

12. The right statesman to administer points rationing.

19. The chiropodist treats an injured foot in Cornwall?

21. Apes provide a dismal axiom about the dentist.

23. " — of the pure, unclouded brow."

24. The Scotsman next morning.

25. Will trespassers be prosecuted on this ship? 26. Commonly alleged to hurt the donor more than the recipient.


2. Aquilegia's lover?

3 "The days dividing — and —." (Swinburne.)

4 Where to see " the wheels go round."

5. A posy featured by a poet—very Meet.

6. " The doctor, as he went down stairs, muttered somediqg about Sir Abraham — and Sir Ridkety eiggs." (Trollope.)


7. Not yet owing.

8. The donkey takes his drop of medicine outside.

9. They made the Catrail. 14. The outgoing people. x6. Food I met in turn. 17. A sign of percussion. t8. " Brave —! that was good alike at grave and (Browning.) 19. Pet's aim is usually this. 20. Further across.

22. " - in thy orisons be all my sins remembered." (Shakespeare.)

23. Quarrymen don't necessarily do it.

music I gay!"