27 MARCH 1942, Page 4

Facts About MacArthur " MacArthur, the deserter from the Philippines.

. . • T hide his disgraceful flight MacArthur has been appoint Commander-in-Chief of the British and Allied troops in lb South-West Pacific."—German Home Broadcast, March 18th.

"Australia over the head of Churchill demanded MacArthur appointment."—German Home Broadcast, March 18th.

" Roosevelt appointed MacArthur Commander-in-Chief Australia. Australia does not belong to America, but that does° matter."—German Home Broadcast, March 23rd. - To which may be added:

" Spruce (t), slick (2), swift (3), swashbuckling (4), Doug' MacArthur is a contrast and a challenge to democracy's (t), cautious (2), conciliatory (3), complacent (4) standards."

(Numerals by myself, in a desire to be helpful.) The Observer, March 22nd• JANus