27 MARCH 1982, Page 31


Front runner

Jonathan Tisdall

Marathon is not a word usually asso- ciated with a chess event but the recently concluded GM tournament in In- donesia easily earns this distinction. 26 Players, including 18 GMs, were locked in combat for well over a month in one of the longest events of modern times. With tough international competition relatively rare in the Far East, the tournament provided a golden opportunity for the Indonesians to take on experienced Western GMs. Add to this the intoxication of beautiful condi- tions, luxurious accommodation and exotic surroundings and the stage would seem to be set for the local invitees to surprise their celebrated guests. Though there were in fact some startling upsets (Sampouw 1 — Ribli 0; Miles 0 Handoko 1; Christiansen 0— Suradiradja 1) the tournament as a whole was a brilliant success for the United States, who placed Walter Browne and Ron Henley in first Plant 11/2 points clear of the pack. Browne, US champion and colourful competitor on the BBC Master Game, is no stranger to success but Henley, a young IM from Houston, Texas, sprinted from obscurity to the front of an illustrious field in dramatic fashion. By overrunning Tony Miles in a critical last-round encounter, Henley not only took a share of top honours but gained a GM norm in a single bound. Such an overnight strike is extremely rare and pro- mises much for the future.

The unprecedented length of the tourna- ment means that Henley has amassed enough games to qualify for the GM title, but a rule stipulating a minimum of two such performances may delay celebrations. It remains to be seen whether this event will provide an exception to this requirement, since it is a unique circumstance in the pre- sent title system.

New Zealand's Murray Chandler was in the running for a GM result after a fantastic burst of 61/2/7 in the middle of the event but an untimely loss to the Indonesian IM Ardiansjah ended his chances.

The top scores from Indonesia were: 1-2 Browne, Henley 171/2 (out of 25); 3-7 Chris- tiansen, Kurajica, Sosonko, Hort, Chandler 16; 8 Miles 15; 9 Gheorghiu 141/2; 10-14 Keene, Ribli, Hulak, Ardiansjah, Spassov 14.

This week's game is a showdown from round 8 between the two contenders for the GM title.

Chandler-Henley: Indonesia 1982; French Defence.

1 e4 e6 2 d4 d5 3 Nd2 Be7 4 Ngf3 N16 5 e5 Nfd7 6 Bd3 c5 7 c3 Nc6 80-0 Qb6? Better is 8... cxd4. 9 dxc5 Qc7 9... Nxc5 10 Bc2 a5 11 Nb3 Qc7 12 Rel leaves White well on top so Black opts to take the e-pawn. 10 Nb3 Note5 11 Bf4 Nxf3 + 12 Qxf3 e5 13 Bg3 Qc6 14 RIO e4 15 Rxe4!! (Diagram) dxe4 16 Rxe4 Qf6 17 c6 Ne5 If 17...

Position after 15 Rxe4!!

Qxf3 18 Bxf3 bxc6 19 Bitc6 snares the R in the corner. 18 Bxe5! Qxe5 19 cxb7 Bxb7 20 Bxb7 Rb8? 20... Rd8 21 Nd4 Rd6 makes more of a fight of it. 21 Nd4 Bd6 22 g3 0-0 The only move. 23 Nc6 Qb5 24 NxbS Qxb2 25 Rdl Bxb8 26 Rd7 White realises his advantage with great energy. 26... Qb5 But not 26... Be5 27 Qxf7 + ! Rxf7 28 Rd8 + Rf8 29 Bd5 + mating or 26... Qxa2 27 Bd5 Qbl + 28 Kg2 Qg6 29 Bxf7 + Rxf7 30 Rd8 + . 27 Bc6 Qe5 28 Bd5 Qe8 29 Rb7 a5 30 Bxf7 + Black resigns. After 30... Rxf7 31 Qxf7 + Qxf7 32 Rxb8 + White reaches an easily winning K + P ending. A beautiful effort by Chandler but only a temporary setback for the durable Texan.