27 NOVEMBER 1841, Page 2

Ebe Court.

THERE has been no change reported in the favourable progress of the Queen towards renewed strength ; and the infant Prince, by all ac- counts, is among the best specimens of healthy babies. The Globe of last night says that "the Queen has so entirely recovered that her Ma- jesty has resumed her petits diners en fanzine; which are confined to the Queen, Prince Albert, and the Dutchess of Kent."

Prince Albert has had a world of business on his hands. Besides having been gazetted as a Commissioner of Inquiry into the best mode of promoting the Fine Arts, on Saturday he sat to Mr. Lucas for a full- length portrait ; on Thursday, he gave orders to Mr. Georgeellayter for a "grand historical picture," with portraits the size of life, to com- memorate the christening of the Prince of Wales ; and on Saturday, he visited the riding-school at Pimlico. His Royal Highness was visited on Monday and Tuesday by Prince George of Cambridge ; and yesterday, by the Duke of Saxe Meningen, whose visit he returned : the Duke had returned from Sudbury Hall on Thursday.

The Dutchess of Kent has visited the Queen almost daily. On Wednesday, her Royal Highness_received a visit from the Dutchess of Gloucester.

The Dutchess and Princess Augusta of Cambridge arrived in town from Kew on Tuesday ; returning again on Wednesday. On Thurs- day, their Royal Highnesses again came to town, and visited the Dutchess of Gloucester. Prince Ernest of Hesse Philippsthal rode over to Kew yesterday, to visit the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge.

The accounts of the Queen Dowager have fluctuated considerably. At one time they were very unfavourable, and the Globe declared that the case was hopeless ; adding that the Queen had made her "testa- mentary arrangements." Now more cheerful accounts prevail : Thurs- day's bulletin announced that her Majesty had sat up for several hours on the previous day ; and yesterday's bulletin, the last which is to be issued at present, was still more favourable-

" The Queen Dowager sat up again yesterday for some hours ; and her Majesty feels herself refreshed this morning, from having had a comfortable