27 NOVEMBER 1841, Page 21


Tuesday, Nov. 23.


IT. and W. Penne, Canterbury, surgeons-H. and H. Jarvis, Bouverie Street, book- binders-Haddock and Heald, Nottingham. joiners-Harrison and Cash. Hartshorne Pottery. Derbyshire. earthenware-mnnufacturers-A. and E. Lord. Collyhurst. Man- chester. dyers-Allen and Sermon. Manchester. brick-makers-II. J. and F. Roberts, Northumberland Street. coal-merehants- Howorth and Broadhurst, Dukinfleld, Cheshire, chemists-Oliver and Butt. Littlehampton. timber-merchants-Starling and Co. Langharn, farmers; as far as regards J. P. Starling-Sanders and Co. Bristol, hop- merchants ; as far as regards T. and G. E. Sanders. C. Powell. and W. Sanders-Vick- ers and Nix. Lincoln, builders-Joyner and Co. Avelev Hall, Essex, farmers-Lee and Co. Grantham, millers; as far as regards Duffield-E. and H. Lazarus. Bury Street, St. Mary Axe. watch.makers-Treherne and Co. Haymarket, hotel-keepers; as far as regards Treherne-Sykes and Co. Shelley. Yorkshire. fancy-manufacturers ; as far as regards Silverwood and Gill-Warner and Helyer. Brighton, grocers. INSOLVENTS.

BULLEN, JONATHAN FREEMAN. Bury St. Edmund's. hosier, Nov. 22. Reim BENJAMIN. New Windsor. victualler, Nov. 17.

PARLOUR, BENJAMIN BIRKETT, Stepney, victualler, Nov. 23.

Palma's. WILLIAM. Llangunnider, Brecknockshire, victualler, Nov.22. TAYLOR, JOSIAH, Liverpool, oilman, Nov. 22.


TURLAY, JOHN, Manchester, merchant.


CHANCELLOR. &rumen SAcarrr junior. Margate. baker, to surrender Nov.29. Jan. 4: solicitors, Messrs. Egau and Co. Essex Street ; and Messrs. Boys and Son, Margate.

Gmeouse. CHARLES. Clifton, surgeon. Dec. 7, Jan. 4: solicitors, Messrs. Holme and Co. New Ion; and Messrs. Prideaux and Son. Bristol.

Go.torr, SAMUEL junior, Sheffield, hatter, Dec. 13, Jan. 4: solicitors. Mr. Brookfield, Gray's Inn; Messrs. Wake and Son, Sheffield; and Mr. Milner, Sheffield. HAWARDEN, JAMES and Co. Little Bolton, manufacturers. Dec. 7, Jan. 4: solicitors, Messrs. Johnson and Cu. Temple; and Mr. Pendlebury, Bolton. HEAP, HENRY, Leeds, silk-dyer, Dec. 1, Jan. 4: solicitors, Messrs. Wiglesworth and Co. Gray's Inn Square; and Mr. Banvick, Leeds. HOLDING. Rieman junior. Blackburn. coal-merchant. Dec. 17, Jan. 4: solicitors, Messrs. Holme and Co. New Inn; and Mr. Crook, Cherley, Lancashire.

JERVIS, JOHN, Wells, draper, Dec. 3, Jan. 4: solicitors, Messrs. Davison and Combs Bread Street ; and Mr. Brittan, Bristol.

KING, Some, Bristol, dealer in ships stores. Dec.7. Jan. 4; solicitors, Messrs. Ma- kinson and Sanders, Middle Temple ; and Mr. HaberGeld. or Mr. Britten, Bristol. LINDSAY, JAMES, and LisnsAv, JOHN WEATHERBY. North Shields. grocers. Dec. 16, Ian. 4: solicitors, Messrs. Trehern and White, Leadenhall Street; aud Mr. Dale, North Shields.

OVERTON, WILLIAM BARNES, liewford Buildings, Fenchurch Street. ship-broker, Nov. 30. Jan. 4: solicitors, Messrs. Vaudercom and Co. Bush Lane; official assignee, Mr. Laekiugton. Coleman Street Buildings. RAYNER, GEORGE ALGAE, Halesworth, Suffolk, linendraper, Dec. 3, Jan. 4: solicitors. Messrs. Sole. Alderroanbury. REED, BENJAMIN. Worcester, wine-merchant, Dec. 1, Jan. 4: solicitors. Messrs. Becke and Flower, Lincoln's Inn Fields; and Mr. France, Worcester. REYNOLDS, WILLIAM, Ilreightmet. Lancashire, cotton-spinner, Dec. 16, Jan. 4: soli- citors, Messrs. Milne and Co. Temple; and Mr. Hibbert, Bolton-le-Moors.

VICAT. ROBERT PALMER. Old Kent Road. lincudraper, Dec. 7, Jan. 4: solicitors, Messrs. Vandercom and Co. Bush Lane; official assignee, Mr. Edvfards, Old Jewry.

WILLIAMS. PETER. and Marream, CHA,RLES, Wood Street. warehousemen, Dec. 8, Jan. 4: solicitors, Messrs. Abbott and An3ey. Charles Street, Bedford Square; and Messrs. Bennett. Manchester. DIVIDENDS.

Dec. 16, Stockdale, Crosby Square. merchant-Dec. 14, Hall, Duke Street, West Smithfield, brazier-Dec. 14, Thomson, Leadenhall Street. merchant -Dec. 14, Stammer, Charles Street, Grosvenor Square, brush-dealer-Dec. 15. Duckett and Co. 'Pall Mall, bankers-Dee. 15, Wightman, Paternoster Row, bookseller-Dec. 14, Marshall, Bradford, Yorkshire, ironmonger-Dee. 27, Taylor. Ipswich, grocer-Dec. 16, Cross, New Woodstock, glover-Dec. 21. J. and J. B. Steel, Stockport, cotton- spinners-Dec. 20, Heap, Manchester, merchant-Dec. 22, Saul. Holme Cultram, Cumberland, schoolmaster-Dec. 17. Wilson, Newcastle-upon-Ty-ne, colliery-owner- Dec. 16. Elder. Newcastle-upon Tyne. grocer-Dec. 17. Bell, Bath, Somersetshire, upholsterer- Dec. 16. Lowe. Nottingham, lace-manufacturer-Dec. 16, Blauthorn, Shrewsbury, grocer-Dec. 16. Turner and Co. Batley Carr, Yorkshire, scribbling- millers-Dec. 1, Weatherby and Co. Preston, cotton spinners-Dec. 20. Griffin and Co. Liverpool, merchants-Dec. 16. Taylor, Brighton, bookseller-Dec. 20, Foxwell, Painswick, Gloncestershire, clothier-Jan. 1, S. and S. Stock, Heaton Mersey, Lanca-

shire, manufacturers. CERTIFICATES Tate granted, unku cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Dec. 14. Knibb, Liverpool, tailor-Harrison, Manchester, grocer-Tanner, Fish Street Hill insurance ageut. SCOTCH SEQUEsTRATIONS.

ANDERSON and CATHCART, Dundee. merchants, Nov. 26. Dec. 17. LOWDEN, Geoxoe. Hamilton, Lanarkshire, quarries., Nov. 30, Dec. 21. PHILP, ANDREW. Dundee. corn-merchant. Nov. 29, Dec. 2'2. Bormzeroaa, ANDREW, Edinburgh, spirit-merchant, Nov. 29, Dee. 20.

Friday, Nov. 26.


Share and Taylor, Fencburch Street, attornies-J. R. and W. W. Wheeler, Work- Ingham, Berkshire, solicitors-Riles and Co. Bishopsgate Street Without, woollen- drapers ; as far as regards J. Plowman-J. and G. Hiuchliffe, Holmfirth, merchants -L. and J. Starnes, Yalding, Kent, farmers-Fozard and Co. Batley Carr, scribbling- -millers • as far as regards T. Fozard-Chant and Heard, Bridgeweter, smiths-Judd and Coiterrell. Warwick, drapers-Liddou and Howard, Hemel Hempstead. brewers -Bridge and Hargraves, Tottington Lower-end. Lancashire, cotton-spinners-Swift and Crampton. Manchester, haberdashers-Dunnicliff and Wild, Basford, Nottingham- shire, lacedressers-T. and B. Swift, Monmouth, timber-merchants-Wright and Lavers. Bristol, lithographers-Balls and Malpus. Bankside, iron-plate memo:ants - Brown and Ansdell. Liverpool, attoruie-sBingliam and1Bush, light-house!contractors -Sharpus and Co. Cockspur Street, china-dealers; as far as regards F. Sharpus- Hall and Co. woollen printers-Miller and Campion, Stockton, rope-manufacturers- Wilson and Co. Kingston-upon-Hull, merchants.


Sanas, Aneenms, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, clothier, Nov. 25.

LAURIER, ADOLPHE, and LOCK. JOSEPH, Wood Sreet, importers, Nov. 26.


SEARLE, COOPER, Bury St. Edmund's. printer.


BARNES, WILLIAM, St. Paul's Churchyard, milliner, to surrender Dec. 11, Jan. 7: solicitors. Messrs. Turner and Hensman, Basing Lane ; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane.

Meows, JOHN, Birmingham. victualler, Dec. 10, Jan. 7 : solicitors, Mr. Chaplin, Gray's Inn Square; and Mr. Harrison, Birmingham. Everts, SAMUEL. Read, Somersetshire, clothier. Dec. 9, Jan. 7: solicitors, Mr. Frampton. Gray's Inn; and Mr. Miller, Frome Selwood. GREVES, HENRY, Leamington Priors, timber-merchant, Dec. 6, Jan. 7: solicitors, itfr. Cary, St, Swithin's Lane • and Mr. Kitchin, Warwick. HEY. 7osrea junior, New &lion, Yorkshire. carpenter, Dec. 14, Jan. 7; solicitors, Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford Row; and Mr. 'Wavel, Bedford Row. Hrostrxectrrow, SAMUEL, Dukinfield, Cheshire, shopkeeper, Dec. 11, Jan. 7: solici- tors, Messrs. Rickards and Walker, Lincoln's Inn Fields ; and Messrs. Higgiubottom and Co. Ashton-under-Lyne. HUNT, ROBERT HOLDSWORTH CAREW, and SMITH. EDWARD OSBORNE, Old Broad Street, merchants. Dec. 11, Jan. 7: solicitors, Messrs. Heathcote and Holman, Coleman Street.; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street. GRIFFIN, JAMES. Dudley, Worcestershire, upholsterer, Dec. 6, Jan. 7; solicitors, Mr. Combe, Staple Inn; and Mr. Fellowes, Dudley. Kelm, HENRY THOMAS COOGAN, and Co. Suffolk Street, Pall Mall East, army-agents. Dec. 6, Jan. 7: solicitors, Messrs. Pain and Hatherly, Great Marlborough Street, official assignee. Mr. Turquand, Copthall Buildings. LEECH, EDWARD, Cinderhill, Lancashire, cotton-spinner, Dec. 17, San. 7: solici- tors, Messrs. Clarke and Medcalf, Lincoln's Inn Fields; Messrs. Sharpe and Co. Bed- ford Row ; Mears. Grundy, Bury ; and Mr. Gruudy, Manchester. LIISTER, THOMAS, Manchester, corn-factor, Dec. 16, Jan. 7: solicitors, Messrs. JOhnson and Co. Temple; and Messrs. Higson and Son, Manchester, Nom THOMAS. Oldbury. Shropshire, coal-master. Dec. 7, Jan. 7: solicitors, Mr. Chaplin, Gray's Inn ; and Mr. Harrison, Birmingham.

Pesterstorom, WILLIAM. Marple, Cheshire. grocer, Dec. 16, Jan. 17: solicitors, Messrs. MiMe and Co. Temple; and Mr. Walmsley. Mande.

RICHARDSON, CHARLES, Brantley, Surrey, builder, Dec. 14. Jan 7: solicitors, Messrs. Blackmore and Co. New Inn; official assignee, Mr. Johnson. Basinghall Street. SCHWABACHER. LEOPOLD, Minories, wine-merchant, Dec. 7, Jan. 7: solicitor, Mr. Spitler, Bank Buildings ; official assignee, Mr. Graham. Basinghall Street. Woou. JOSEPH, Manchester, lace-dealer. Dec. 17, Jan. 7: solicitors, Mr. Yallop, Furnival's Inn ; and Messrs. Parsons, Nottingham. BAZOLEY. JOHN HILTON. Manchester, warehouseman, Dec.15. Jan. 7: solicitors, Mr. Hadfield. Manchester; and Messrs. Johnson and Co. Temple.


Dec. 17, Swage, Surrey Street, Strand, lodging-house-keeper-Dec. 17, Danneey, Uley. Gloucestershire, woollen-manufacturer-Dee 23, Clarauce and Chaldecott, Ab- church Yard. coffee-dealers-Dec. '20. Appleton, Three Crown Square, Southwark. hop-merchant-Dec. 20, Lawson, Oxford Street, carpet-warehouseman-Dec. 17. Carter, Cheapside, woollendraper-Dec. 17, Hall. Piccadilly, upholsterer-Dee. 17, Leary, Regent Street, coffee-house-keeper-Dec. 17. Guldschmidt and Co. Great St. Helen's, merchants-Dec. 20, Ward. Saffron Walden. carpenter-Dec. 20. Atkinson and Laidland senior, Peurith, bankers-Dec. 22. Atkinson. Appleby, brewer-Dec. 20, Root, Wardington. Oxfordshire, draper-Dec. 20, Rimmer, Liverpool, tailor- Dec. 22, Sarson. Birmingham, iron-master-March 21. Caparn, Riddings, Derbyshire, brewer -Dee. 20, Crutchett. Stroud, pawnbroker-Dec. 28. Skillman and Keeler, Hythe. linendrapers -Dec. 17, Browning and Smelt junior. Manchester, merchants - Dec. 22. Shaw, Heanor. Derbyshire, plumber-Dec. 22, Timings. Birmingham, grocer-Dec. 21. Ditchfield, Hindley. Lancashire, cotton spinner-Dec. at. Stocks seuiur, Heaton Mersey, Lancashire, bleacher-Dec. 18, ileginbottom. Ashton under- Lytle, cotton-spinner-Dec. 22, Fothergill, Rochdale, cotton-spinner-Dec. 20, Wright, Colebrook Dale, draper.


Tube granted, unless cause be shown to the confrere', on or before Dec. 17.

Cockcroft, Addingham, Yorkshire. stuff-manufacturer-Little. Stockport, banker- Quarterman, Wanstead, coach-builder-Root, Wardingtou. Oxfordshire, draper_-. Galles, Hartlepool, shipowner-Wood, Chester, innkeeper-Jackson and Singleton. Leeds, carriers-Williams. Liverpool, timber-merchant.


Ili•GiLL, JAMES, Glasgow, provision-merchant, Dec. 1, 22. PAGE, WILLIAM, Alloa, merchant, Dec. 1.22.

REACH, RODERICK, Inverness, printer, Dec. 6.27. RUSSELL, ROBERT, Glasgow, brick-maker. Nov. 29, Dec. 20.

WHIOHAM, GEORGE, Halliday Hill, Dumfriesshire, coal-merchant, Dec. 3, 24.