27 NOVEMBER 1841, Page 8


Arrived-At Gravesend, Nov. 26th, Duke of Norfolk, Goss; and Ariadne, M•Leoct. from Bengal ; Scaleby Castle, Johnson ; Ivanhoe, Simpson ; and Duke of Lancaster. Hargreaves, from Chins; and Mid-Lothian, Morrison, from New South Wales. Off" Dover, 25th, Caledonia, Liddell; and William the Fourth, Thomas, from Singapore. At Deal, 26th, Bella Marina, Wickman, from China. Off Falmouth, 26th, -Florist, Huggup, from Bombay. At Liverpool, 2241. Kingston, M•Lean, from China; and North Yule, —, from Bombay; 24th, Ritchie, Kerr, from ditto; 25th. Thomas Bell, Dobson, from Bengal; and St. Lawrence, Newlands; and Halifax Packet, —, from. Bombay. At St. Helena, Francis Smith, Edmonds; Sanderson, Bushby; and

Armstrong. Jones, from China; Ceylon, Peacock; and W. Harris, Terry, from Ben- gal' aud Shannon, Kellick, from Bombay. Sailed—Prom Gravesend, Nov. 21st, Majestic, Adamson, for Bombay ; 22(1, M. S. Elphinstone, Stubbs, for Madras; and 25th, Indus, Benson, for Bombay.