27 NOVEMBER 1841, Page 9

Another letter which we have received this week on the

Masons' Strike, although cre- ditable to the writer, is not of a kind to advance the discussion, or to exercise a favourable influence with the readers of the Spectator: our correspondent himself regards it modestly, and will not be offended at its being withheld. We can- not promise to publish the statement which he offers; but we should be happy to see it, and to make that use of it which may seem best.

A correspondent points out two errors in one paragraph in our paper of the 13th instant : it was not Baron FOSTER who was addressed by the Irish Bar on his retirement from the Bench, but Chief Justice BUSHe; and the Bar meeting at which he was addressed on his refit ement was held not on the 2d, but on the 4th.