27 NOVEMBER 1841, Page 9

The Paris papers of Thursday devote a largeTportion of their

space to an important trial in the provinces. M. Ledru Rollin, in presenting himself as a candidate to succeed M. Gamier Pages, the Republican Deputy for Mans, delivered what is called a seditious attack on Govern- ment, and afterwards authorized his speech to be published in the -Courrier de la Sarthe. Both the candidate and the editor of the news- paper, M. Haureau, were prosecuted. The Jury acquitted M. Ledru Rollin on the charge of having delivered the speech, but found him guilty of its publication in the journal ; and he was sentenced to four months imprisonment, with a fine of 3,000 francs, (1201.); M. Haureau being sentenced to three months' imprisonment, with a fine of 2,000 francs. As the prosecution was held to be an indirect attack on the pri- +Mese. of Parliamentary candidates and electors, the acquittal on the

former point is regarded as a triumph by the Opposition ; who look upon the whole proceeding as damaging to the cause of the Monarchy.

The trial of Quenisset and his accomplices is fixed for Friday De- cember 3d; and the Chancellor of the Court of Peers has issued the usual notice.