27 NOVEMBER 1886, Page 2

In a letter to Tuesday's Times, Lord Monck has brought

forward his scheme for such a measure of Home-rule as he would give to Ireland. It is to empower Irish Members of the Imperial Parliament to meet in Dublin for the transaction of such public and private business as might be assigned to them by delegation from- the Imperial Parliament ; and he thinks that the Bills passed by this body should receive the Royal Assent if not vetoed by the Imperial Parliament within a. certain number of days after they had been laid on the table of both Houses of Parliament. The action of the Imperial Parliament should be confined, he thinks, to a simple veto or assent. This is a plan which either assumes that the business delegated would be almost confined to what we call private Bills, or else, if that be not so, that every question of importance- delegated should be rediscnssed at Westminster. In the former case, which is apparently the one contemplated by Lord Monck, the plan might be useful, but would be received with scorn in Ireland ; in the latter case, it would breed a great many more quarrels than it would heal.