27 NOVEMBER 1886, Page 2

Mr. Henry Fowler, who followed Lord Spencer at Leicester, was

not hopeful. He said, justly enough, that the Liberals are in a fog ; but his fog-signals did not disperse the fog which they announced. Mr. Fowler declared that Separation should never take place except by force, and he did not see that by saying so he cut the ground from under the position he takes up ; for it is clear enough that expediency rules the party which says that though it is willing to yield a separate Legislature to the plea of justice, it is not willing to yield a separate nation- ality in the full sense of the term, to the same plea. Why give half a loaf when your reason for giving it covers the whole loaf, and then affect to be quite indignant when the whole loaf is demanded ? That is what Mr. Fowler is prepared to do. We prefer to refuse the half-loaf altogether.